This page developed as a result of the current unregulated state of the private rental market in Malta. It is intended to give guidance for the prospective tenants looking for somewhere to call home. I wish I had some help when I started looking for somewhere to live here and can say it would have helped avoid some bad situations I have found myself in.

Political parties are now at least discussing some possible form of rent regulation here but there is certainly a need to implement something soon. It is not just about price control but standards of accommodation, protection of tenants rights and actually for property owners rights too.

There is an online petition currently running where you can voice your support for some form of regulation here in Malta. Click here to be redirected to the site – online petition. The aim is to get 1000 signatures and submit to the Government but regardless it has been an excellent “comments” board with submissions to both political parties.

If you need to catch up on the news in your busy life you can find it here;



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