Paying that deposit

The time of year is upon us where people think of moving within Malta or to Malta from abroad. It is important to never pay money as a deposit without seeing the property and the owner of it. It is your Money so don’t lose it to some con artist who does not even own the property!

euro-iconIt would be a good idea to see the owners ID card to make sure he or she is a genuine person and to make a note of the ID number. It is sad to say that there has been many scams reported in Malta last year so it is good to protect yourself as much as possible.

Be aware that some photos of apartments you see in social media are not genuine and the person advertising it does not even live here in Malta.

Using a genuine estate agent would be your best bet if you are intending to move here from abroad. You really do need to do your homework and protect your hard earned money!

If you decide on a property after viewing it remember to be on the correct electricity tariff.

Make sure you sign a proper contract which stipulates the lease agreement in full.

If you need an advice I would suggest Malta Tenant Support which can be found on Facebook.

Please feel free to ask for advice by completing the boxes below and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible;



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