Does it matter if outsiders can’t afford to rent?

Chris Grech CEO of Dhalia said – “I don’t think our social conscience should prick us too much if outsiders coming here can’t afford to rent.
They can always leave. I’m talking only about non-residents here… outsiders who come here to work; not Maltese citizens who have nowhere else to go………’”

Prof Edward Scicluna, Finance minister says that there is no rent crisis as 80% of people in Malta are homeowners. (mainly Maltese of course)

Are you tired of feeling like a second class citizen, with no voice? we work for wages, put in the same hours, pay the same taxes and social security, yet when things go wrong, we have no voice.

Tired of always being seen as the “Rich” foreigner?

Tired of asking, “How much?” only to find the price doubles when the foreigner asks?

We contribute to this Island and its Economy and should never have to hear “go back to your own country” when we voice our opinion/discontent. 

If like me you form part of the many “outsiders” renting on this Island who are finding it difficult to pay the spiraling rent then join us in this future initiative by downing tools for 24 hours and show the Government that We do matter.

At the time of writing this article a few weeks back the 24 hours down tools initiative was a real proposal but apparent lack of support has curtailed this for the time being but there will come a time when action will be taken I am sure

To show your support please take a selfie with the “I Matter” icon visible on your body and post it in the newly created Facebook group called I Matter” by clicking here


Make Your Voice Heard!!!

If you want to become involved in any way please leave your details below;

The Facebook groups Up in Arms Malta and Rental Rip-off Malta have worked together on this article and future initiative.

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