Moving South?

With rents extortionate  in the central and northern regions of Malta have you ever considered moving South? 

The Cottonera region comprises of what is known as the three cities; Cospicua (aka Bormla), Vittoriosa (aka Birgu) and Senglea(aka L’Isla). Having your own transport is obviously the best solution but the area is well served by the buses namely routes 1,2,3 and 4.  For example I live in Bormla and with using the tallinja app I can be in Valletta in 30 minutes from leaving the house.

The area is steeped in history dating back to 1565 and the great siege by the Turkish and of course more recently in WWII when the area became the most heavily bombed area in Malta that led to large-scale reconstruction in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Bormla is currently experiencing a renaissance with the American University Of Malta having a Campus nearly completed. This has led to new cafe’s opening and even garages being converted into bedsits for students. Inevitably the arrival of students will raise rents but will add vibrancy to the area. But the whole area of the Three cities is quite large (if you include Kalkara) so you would surely find something to rent which is more reasonably priced and in an area that is really still old Malta.

The people of this area can only be described as ” a bit rough around the edges” but you will quickly find that they have hearts of gold and will help you the best they can if asked. You may need to try to speak a bit of Maltese as this is no Sliema and in my mind this is the beauty of the place. Relatively unspoilt so far.

Bormla is served by what I can only describe as the best polyclinic I have experienced in my 6 years in Malta. You can see a Doctor up until 7pm which would fit in nicely with many people’s work schedules. Then there is always Saturday mornings as well.

As in other parts of Malta residents need to understand the need to put rubbish in bins and dispose of it in the correct manner but with the improvements being made in this area eventually residents will have more civic pride one hopes.

For night-time entertainment there is always Birgu which is a short walk away and is served by many restaurants and bars surrounded by buildings of outstanding architecture. Then of course there is Senglea and Kalakara which means you are spoilt for choice in “old Malta” style.

So if you are despairing of high rents in other areas or just fed up living in what could be any other place in Europe it would be worth researching the Cottonera region. You may find that you could afford to live on your own rather than sharing and connectivity with the rest of Malta is good. There is also a ferry service from Bormla to Valletta that you can also use your tallinja card on.

If you need any advice on moving to this area then please feel free to contact me.

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