Utilities Residential Tariff

So why is form H so important?

Without this form being signed by your landlord and submitted to ARMS tenants have found themselves being charged between 43 and 103.4% more than if they were on the correct tariff. Over the course of a year this can be quite a significant amount and added to rental prices an extra cost that is easily avoided.

It has to be said there has been some lack of knowledge about utilities charging by both the landlords and tenants and the more information you have about tariffs the better for you when it comes to agreeing a contract. It is very important that you get agreement that form H can be submitted Before you sign the contract.

If they refuse to sign form H it is a good indication that they are not reasonable landlords and you would be strongly advised to walk away.

All people living the their primary residence should be paying 0.1047 cents per unit and for a single person residence the eco reduction should be 25%.

If you are currently in the middle of a tenancy agreement and suspect you are not on the right tariff first of all speak to the landlord, ask to see the full invoice and explain you would like to be on the correct rate by submitting form H. Hopefully the landlord will be open to signing the form for you and once this is done you could also consider applying for a refund from ARMS using form H1.

There is an option of changing the account in your name on a temporary basis without the landlords consent but as this is still under consideration I am not proposing to go into details of this at present.

You can download your copy of form H by clicking here

Form H

Good luck with this and hopefully you will still start saving money or be on the correct tariff from the start of your new tenancy.




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