Deposit and getting it back

A deposit is paid in most countries when renting and in most countries this is refundable at the end of the tenure with no quibbles. Understandably minus reasonable deduction for breakages or non wear and tear damage. Sadly in Malta this is not the case and quite often a deposit is seen as “free” money to the landlord. Read on for suggestions on ensuring you get what is “your” money back.

Hopefully you have a good landlord and you will not need this advice but if you do not then this may well help you.

  • If you have an inventory as should be the case when you signed the contract check that everything is there. If not then expect a deduction for any items or damage.
  • Make a recording of the flat including electronic goods working such as the fridge, TV and washing machine.
  • Make sure the flat is clean as this is an obvious deduction the landlord will try to make.
  • Take the electricity and water readings and work out what is owed using the ARMS online calculator.
  • Go to a solicitor  and get a letter addressed to the landlord demanding the sum owed to you. This will cost you about €25 but will be worth it considering the amount you put down in deposit.
  • Return the keys with the solicitor’s letter in “registered” mail as this is crucial if the deposit is not returned and you need to go to court.

Sound advice is  to leave the flat as you found it and I would strongly recommend that you take photos or make a recording of the next flat you move into so that you have before and after footage.


I would be interested to hear your stories on getting your deposit back, good and bad, so please feel free to use the contact page below.


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