Rent Subsidy

Like many other countries Malta has rent subsidy available for those households earning less than €23000 PA and having less than €23300 in savings.

Application is fairly straight forward assuming you have a rental contract and have been in the property the previous 12 months. You will need to prove your income in the previous 12 months which can be done by asking your employer or previous employer for an FS3. You will needs rent payment receipts and €10 to hand for the administration fee. The whole process can take about 3 months but payment will be backdated and the remaining fees of about €30 taken from the first payment. Also the form will need to be witnessed by a professional person, such as a Doctor, which should set you back no more than €5 or €10.

The office itself is in Floriana and is only open between 08.30 and 11.30 and not on a Wednesday.

Once you get to the office with all your forms and paperwork you will be assigned a number in the queue and watched over by security. Once into see an advisor you should find them professional, quick and helpful as I did.

You can download the forms in English or Maltese from the following link;

Subsidy Application Forms

Within these forms you will see exactly what you need to take with you such as a copy of the front and back of your ID card. It pays to be well prepared which will save your time when you get there.

I almost forgot, be prepared for the property you rent to be inspected to ensure it is of a habitable standard. This maybe quite short notice so you may have to juggle other commitments and be prepared for the property owner not really liking this part.

The amount you get awarded in subsidy depend on your income and rent paid but should not be less than about €80 per month and no more than about €160.

rent image2

Good luck!


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